Coming April 28, 2018 – Why Mary?

Dear Jesus,

Would it please you if we were to make no effort to give pleasure to your Mother because we are afraid of offending you?

Does devotion to your holy Mother hinder devotion to you?

Does Mary keep for herself any honor we pay her?

Is she a rival of yours?

Is she a stranger having no kinship with you?

Does pleasing her imply displeasing you?

Does the gift of oneself to her constitute a deprivation for you?

Is love for her a lessening of our love for you?

“Why Mary?”

In April, 2018, a much sought-after Montfort Missionary has scheduled a Totus Tuus Trip to Jacksonville. Come and learn the answers to these questions (and many others concerning Our Lady!) at a Day of Recollection.  Register here for the following date:

April 28, 2018

Holy Family Parish

Jacksonville, FL

(904) 641-5838

To register and/or donate, please e-mail Trudy Perez-Poveda.