Christ Renews His Parish


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Have Fun and Renew Your Heart

Christ Renews His Parish or CRHP (pronounced “Chirp”) is a personal and parish spiritual renewal process. As Catholics, we are called to witness to one another the amazing things God has done for us. The CRHP process allows us to do just that—take a break from our busy lives, share our faith with others, and get to know God through His works. Since 1969, CRHP has impacted over 1,400 parishes throughout the United States. Today, CRHP is the primary program for both personal and parish spiritual renewal in over 100 Catholic dioceses and 40 states across America.

During the weekend, you will have the opportunity to make new friendships in a relaxed and welcoming setting. Your fellow parishioners conduct the retreat, and the weekend will include group activities and interactions, reflections shared by the presenting team, a great deal of laughter, delicious food, and even adult beverages!

You do not have to be a spiritual person to attend the retreat. In fact, many people attend because they are not as spiritual as they would like to be. Many attend because they feel something is missing from their lives. Most who have participated in the weekend say that “you can’t   explain what happens; you just have to experience it.” This is your invitation to enjoy that experience.

There is no charge for attending this weekend. It is our parish gift to you. Sign up today at, or if you have any questions, contact Deacon Doug Nullet,,

Women’s Retreat: May 20th-21st                             

Men’s Retreat: June 3rd-4th

Sign up today using the links below or if you need more information, or if you have any questions, contact Deacon Doug Nullet,, 904-641-5838.

Click Here to Register for the Women’s Retreat

Click Here to Register for Men’s Weekend 

Personal Reflection from Holy Family CRHP Attendees:

  • “I came to the Christ Renews His Parish weekend not knowing a soul. I’m sure I looked like a deer in the headlights when I walked in! I ended the weekend with a renewed hunger for a relationship with Jesus and the unexpected blessing of a whole new group of friends.”
  • “CRHP was important for me on a few levels. As a new husband, my wife is the very reason I went through RCIA and continued to grow spiritually in the faith via CRHP. Arriving in late 2015, CRHP was our first activity with the parish outside of attending Mass. It helped me get to know our priests, deacon, CRHP brothers, and even the Men’s Club a bit at a time. The bonding among the CRHP is sacred. I highly recommend CRHP to cradle Catholics and recent RCIA graduates like myself.”
  • “The sense of belonging and connection to others in the parish has been most meaningful to me. The sisterhood that I feel with my CRHP team is wonderful.”
  • “I encourage you to pray about participating in CRHP, without hesitation. You will be pampered – physically, emotionally and spiritually! It’s less than 48 hours away from your family, but a huge return on your investment.”
  • “I have been on different spiritual exercises and retreats over the years, my first being in high school where I first heard adult Catholics share their life experiences and walks with Christ. However, CRHP was especially powerful, as it was my peers – women in my church family – confidentially sharing their lives.”
  • “My story is not different than others. I did not make the final decision to attend CRHP till 7:30am on that Saturday. To me, CRHP was another step on my spiritual journey. I did learn more about my spiritual responsibility to my family as well as to myself.  I am glad that for whatever reason, I was somehow “nudged” that day to attend.”
  • “Everyone has reservations…you’re not alone. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was being given a blessing, all because I said yes to CRHP. A weekend that not only happily surprised me, but gifted me with faith-filled parishioners that have inspired me, and blessed me with new beginnings, and friends for life. Be open with your mind, and let God do the rest!”
  • “I learned how important adoration is to spiritual development. I now attend adoration on First Friday’s of the month. I have grown closer to God and my Catholic faith since attending CRHP”
  • “I had never attended a retreat before and I was apprehensive about going, but I am really glad that I did. When I think of the effort that it took to prepare and present to us, it was humbling to think that I was worthy of the gift. I can honestly say that attending CRHP deepened my faith and made me more aware of the struggles and successes of those around me. Whenever I attend Mass or any other church event, I always see fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and I know that we all share the same bonds from our retreat weekends. CRHP has made a big impact on me and is continuing to make a big impact on Holy Family Parish.”
  • “Like others, I said no before finally saying yes. There was always a conflict, just not the right time, until the spring of 2015 when I decided to attend. In fact the timing could not have been more perfect. I was in a place in my life and faith where I wanted a closer relationship with God. The more I talked to people, who had attended previously, the more excited I became with my decision. On the first day of the retreat, I arrived early and just sat in my car talking to God. I remember looking up to the heavens with my arms outstretched saying “Here I Am Lord” I had no idea what he had planned for me but I was ready.  When I went inside and met the other participants, the very first song we sang together was “Here I am Lord” tears came to my eyes and I knew immediately my life was about to change and I was definitely in the right place. I could go on and on telling you how CRHP has changed me, but I encourage you to find out for yourself, and say yes when considering this retreat.”