Elizabeth Ministry

Coordinator:  Holy Family Women’s Club

The Elizabeth Ministry is one way the Catholic Church supports women as they become mothers. This woman-to-woman support ministry celebrates new life when a child is born or adopted.

Elizabeth Ministry Expectant Mother Blessings are held each Spring and Fall.  The next blessing is scheduled for Sunday, May 19, 2019 after the 5 p.m.

To RSVP and/or to be included on our Bulletin Prayer List, please email Charlene Brinker at brinkerc13@gmail.com.

Prayer of Wonder

All-loving God, I am filled with wonder when I consider the power of your Spirit. You create the billions of galaxies with trillions of stars. You formed the earth into a garden that nourishes the plentiful species of life. You loved me into existence and cared for me as I grew into womanhood. It was you who prepared by body, mind, and soul for the miracle of conception.

You are present, knitting together all the delicate parts of the new life I carry within me. My body intuits your artistry as you sculpt tiny cells into hands, feet, inner organs, brain, and heart. You have made my body, mind, and spirit into a sacred vessel that even now is creating an awesome masterpiece – a unique expression of your goodness, beauty, and truth. Together we share this thrilling experience that you initiate, nurture, and bring to fullness. How I marvel at this precious gift of your love!

Help me, Lord, to enter the mystery unfolding deep within my womb. Allow me to accept this gift with wonder and excitement. Permit me to relish the life I carry as it grows and changes me. I freely give you my body, mind, and spirit as my unique gift to our child.


For Elizabeth Ministry Prayers:

▪ Miscarriage

▪ Birth – First-time Mother

▪ Multiple Births

▪ High-Risk Pregnancy

▪ Celebration of Birth

▪ Subsequent Birth

▪ Pregnancy/Birth – Large Family

▪ Pregnancy Complications

▪ Pregnancy after Miscarriage of Infant Death

Elizabeth Ministry Prayers