Gift Shop

The Holy Family Gift Shop welcomes you to stop by after Mass. The Gift Shop offers religious articles and spiritual reading selections at prices less than retail. We are your source for Catholic gifts and inspirational reading. Stop by the Narthex after Mass and get acquainted with what your gift shop has to offer you.

Holy Family’s video library, located in the Narthex, is available to all parishioners. Through the donations of its viewers, we have been able to supply a variety of Catholic movies for our families. So that all may benefit from this library, we have a few simple requests:

  • Please borrow no more than two (2) DVDs at any time.
  • Please legibly sign the card with the date, your name and a telephone number where you can be reached for follow-up, if necessary.
  • Please place the card in the small box on the top shelf of the video cart.
  • Please do not further loan the DVD; doing so may increase the chances of losing it.
  • Please return within a reasonable time: 2 weeks.
  • Please make sure the DVDs are clean when returned.
  • Please return the DVDs to the large box on the bottom shelf of the video cart.
  • Please enjoy and handle with care.

(Please check your DVD players and nooks and crannies at home. A troubling number of very popular DVDs are still missing.). Thank you.