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The Coordinator for the lector Ministry is Deacon Doug, dnullet@holyfamilyjax.com

Youth and adults with good reading skills are welcome to read the Scriptures at Mass. Coaching materials are provided, see below.

The purpose of the lector Ministry is to proclaim the Word of God in the liturgical assembly. This proclamation must be done clearly and with understanding so that all gathered in worship may be nurtured and grow as they are fed from the table of God’s Word. In proclaiming the Scriptures, the lector becomes a voice through which the Spirit speaks in the worshiping community. When lectors are preparing to proclaim the Word of God, they are not simply practicing for a delivery of the text, but conforming themselves to the Holy Spirit who speaks through them. “The Word of God, as proclaimed in the Sacred Scripture, lies at the heart of our Christian life and is integral to all our liturgical celebrations.”

As ministers of the Word, lectors must allow the Scriptures to be deeply rooted in their lives. This requires more than a passing familiarity with the printed word. It also demands prayerful study and consultation with various resources that will assist in the comprehension of the sacred text. The lector must also practice the skills of public proclamation.

Because of the dignity, importance and responsibility of this particular ministry, pastors and those charged with the responsibility of coordinating parish worship, should take great care in assessing both the spiritual maturity and abilities of those who aspire to this ministry. No one should exercise this ministry who has not been properly prepared.

A person with a strong faith and a knowledge and command of communication skills can be one who proclaims the Word of God. In the selection of candidates and in review of those exercising this ministry, the following considerations may be helpful:

Candidates should have received the Sacraments of Initiation of the Church (Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist) and regularly attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation and frequently participate in the sacraments.

Candidates should be persons who have gifts and skills in public communication and reading.

Candidates should have a love and reverence for the Sacred Scriptures and engage in some form of regular study of them.

Candidates should understand the importance of this ministry and appreciate the need for study and preparation as well as the ministry’s connection to Christian life and practice.

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