Listing of Parish Ministries & Organizations

Listing of Parish Ministries & Organizations

 Jesus challenges us to be the living Eucharist: to use our hands, minds, and bodies in love and service to others –  to share our gifts of time, talent, and treasure for the good of the Church and the larger community. The parish community of Holy Family is dedicated to this call through our many ministries. Whether you are a new to the parish or a member of long-standing, your participation will make a difference in your own faith relationship to God, and in the lives of the people you serve.  It will make a difference in your own faith and relationship with God. Thank you for sharing your time, talent, and treasure with our parish family. We need you, and the Lord needs you.  Contact one of our coordinators if one of the ministries below interests you.

 Ministry List

AA, Contact the Parish Office

Adult Bible Study, Roger Tompkins,

Altar Servers, Deacon Doug Nullet,

Coffee and Donuts, the Kemna Family,

Cooking Ministry,  Don Moynahan,

Divorced and Separated, Please call 904-452-8318 for information.

Elizabeth Ministry, Kim Izzo,;

Art and Environment, Alex Allaire,

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Deacon Doug Nullet,

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick,  Zoraida Lima,

Evangelization, John Leard, (Staff Member: Patti Lombardo)

Faith Formation, John Peterson, (Staff Member: Maria Petrotta)

Fellowship, Diana Najm, (Staff Member: Staël Dantes)

Gift Shop, Fran Gullman,, and Mary Jo Rolince,

G-Moms, Mary Louise Selzer,

Home Visitation Ministry, Phyllis Schmitz,

Lectors, Deacon Doug Nullet,

Memorial Reception Committee, Carol Atkins,

Martha Committee, Bernadette Dietzel,

Men’s Club, Joe Rolince,

Men in God’s Word, Kevin Gartland,

Ministry of Consolation,

Music Ministry

Newcomers Ministry, Fran Gullman,

Nursery, Gena Schley,

Outreach, John Kemna, (Staff Member:  Fr. Ibok)

Prayer and Worship, Karen Leard,;, 

Prayer Shawl Ministry, Dianne Miiller,

Refugee Ministry, Pat Nelms, & Dick Berka

Regent’s Park, Steve Wickers,

Respect Life, Kevin Gartland,

Rosary-Makers, Cheryl Bacon,;  (Other contact: Mary Scagliarini)                                                                                                                         

St. Vincent de Paul,  Ken Young,

Stewardship, Lori Meadows Clark,, and Dianne Miiller, and Staff Member:  Deacon Doug)

Soup Kitchen, Rich McCoy,

Sunday Scripture Reflection, Carol Tompkins,
Ushers, Tom Atkins,

Women’s Club, Jennifer Worrell,

Young at Heart, Janice Coply, 904-928-0905.

Youth and Young Adult Ministry, Staël Dantes,