Youth Disciplers

“Today Christ is asking each of you the same question: do you love Me? He is not asking you whether you know how to speak to crowds, whether you can direct an organization or manage an estate. He is asking you to love Him. All the rest will ensue.”

– St.John Paul II

We are looking for Adult volunteers to participate in the Youth Ministry program as Youth Disciplers for both middle-school and high-school students. Youth Disciplers will participate in the youth nights by accompanying the youths on their faith journey. They will help lead small groups during youth nights and retreats. We are always on the lookout for responsible and caring adults that are willing to mentor teens as they grow in faith and encounter our Lord.

If you are interested in becoming a Youth Discipler or would like more information, please contact Staël Dantes either by phone 904-641-5838 ex. 264 or email at